Multi-Day Horseback Trails

Choose from one of our multi-day trails, commencing in the quaint village of Stanford, situated 150km from Cape Town, nestled within the pristine Overberg region of the Western Cape.


Experience a 3 Day, 4 Night Beach and Mountain Trail horseback adventure through the diverse landscapes of the Western Cape. On Day 1, explore fynbos-covered mountains and Flower Valley, a UNESCO-supported project. Day 2 traverses Grootbos Fynbos Nature Reserve, coastal shrublands, and surreal sand dunes, ending at the pristine beaches of Walker Bay. Conclude your journey on Day 3 with a challenging 37km ride along beaches, dunes, and mountain ranges.


The 5 Day, 6 Night Beach and Mountain Trail  invites you to explore the fynbos mountains by the Kraaibosch dam and Flower Valley, a UNESCO-supported project for sustainable fynbos practices. On Day 2, traverse the Grootbos Fynbos Nature Reserve, coastal shrublands, and the enchanting sand drifts of die Plaat, leading to the pristine white beaches of the Walker Bay whale sanctuary. Day 3 offers a round trip along the Kleinriver to the lagoon, providing breathtaking mountain views and excellent birdwatching opportunities. On Day 4, embark on a lengthy return journey following the Klein river, cutting through fynbos dunes to reach the beach at Meerkom in the Walker Bay nature reserve. Conclude your adventure on Day 5 with mountain vistas, beach canters, and serene rock pools, ending at Farm215.


Please select any of our multi day trails below or contact us for more information..